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Helping Your Eyes & Brain Work Together

When your eyes work with your brain as a cohesive unit, great things can happen. However, if the connection between the two is weak, you or your child may experience difficulties in various ways. For example, if your child has poor visual skills, they may not perform to their full potential.

Vision therapy is an excellent option for individuals who experience setbacks due to poor visual skills. Through various exercises and activities, vision therapy can increase reading levels, comprehension, and attention spans and improve sports performance.

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What Does Vision Therapy Involve?

Vision therapy is a program that involves several tools and techniques to treat vision problems that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses, or surgery alone. For individuals with binocular vision problems, vision therapy can also help your eyes work better together.

Typically, a successful vision therapy program involves a detailed care plan using lenses, prisms, filters, and computer-assisted visual activities. It may also involve other devices, like metronomes, balance boards, and other non-computerized visual instruments.

For vision therapy to be effective, the program relies on the active engagement of the patient. As with any treatment, dedication to the process is imperative to seeing real results.

How Does Vision Therapy Work?

Similar to physical therapy, vision therapy exercises the visual system, including the eyes and parts of the brain that control vision. Put simply, vision therapy tries to teach the visual system to correct itself through various exercises and activities.

The exercises involved in the program help to strengthen and enhance the fundamental visual skills and abilities necessary to succeed in school or sports. For many individuals, a properly functioning visual system allows them to process information to read, write, plan, and focus during the day.

How Can I If Tell My Child Needs Vision Therapy?

If you notice your child acting strangely or exhibiting signs of discomfort, they may benefit from vision therapy. Some common symptoms include:

  • Skipping words or lines while reading
  • Confusing similar words, like “was” and “saw”
  • Confusing similar letters, like b, d, p, and q
  • Excessively rubbing the eyes
  • Closing one eye when reading or doing near work
  • Holding books very close to the face
  • Tilting the head when reading
  • Discomfort or headaches from schoolwork or computer use
  • Difficulty with reading comprehension
  • Blurred or double vision when reading
  • Avoiding homework or other activities that require focus
  • Poor attention span
  • Trouble sitting still

If you’d like to explore vision therapy as a treatment option, we’d love to help.
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