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Myopia is a refractive error that causes objects far away to seem out of focus or blurry. The error occurs when the eyeball grows too long or the cornea becomes too steep, preventing light that enters the eye from focusing correctly on the retina.

Myopia is a common visual condition that affects nearly 30% of the Canadian population. Although it is often considered to be hereditary, it can also occur spontaneously. It typically appears during childhood and continues to worsen with age.

Although myopia cannot be cured, several methods are available to slow its progression or prevent it from worsening. Specific treatments can stop the eye from growing, thus halting the progression of myopia. At Island Eyecare, we offer a few methods to help you achieve the best possible vision.

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Types of Myopia Control

CooperVision’s MiSight 1 Day contact lenses are one of the most popular contact lenses explicitly developed for myopia control. They are daily-wear, single-use lenses that have been clinically proven to slow myopia’s progression when initially prescribed for children 8–12 years old.

They are kid-friendly lenses that can be worn by children as young as 8. They’ve been developed so children can easily wear and handle them without issue and work to correct distance vision.

The lenses work by inducing peripheral defocus, which is thought to prevent the progression of myopia. Each lens has a central zone for distance vision and peripheral “rings” to defocus the eyes.

For individuals who may not feel comfortable wearing contact lenses, MyoVision Pro lenses may be an excellent option. ZEISS’ MyoVision Pro lenses are specially designed spectacle lenses for children that help prevent myopia’s progression.

MyoVision Pro lenses apply peripheral defocus management principles, which involves correcting the peripheral “hyperopic shift” to send a signal to the eye to reduce the eye’s elongation and, subsequently, myopic progression.

They are designed for children, so they complement your child’s anatomy and lifestyle while aiming to reduce myopia’s progression.

Hoya’s MiyoSmart is an innovative spectacle lens specially designed for myopia control. The lenses are proven to curb myopia progression in children by 60% through its award-winning defocus incorporated multiple segments technology (D.I.M.S.).

The D.I.M.S. technology involves a central zone for correcting refractive error surrounded by multiple defocus segments extending to the mid-periphery. The technology allows the wearer to have clear vision and myopic defocus simultaneously at all viewing distances.

They’re also designed to work with your child’s active lifestyle. The lenses are made with polycarbonate 1.59, a highly impact-resistant material that has passed the high-velocity impact drop ball test.

If you’re interested in myopia control and how it can benefit your child, we’d be happy to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.

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